The partnership of Müller-Gerbes Wagner Albiger was originally established by Margot Müller-Gerbes as a patent attorney’s office in 1985. In 2004 Matthias Wagner joined Margot Müller-Gerbes as partner, after having completed his professional training as a patent attorney in the law firm.Jonas Albiger, Ph.D. then joined the firm as partner in 2005 upon Margot Müller-Gerbes’s retirement.  In 2014, Julia Rohlfs joined the law firm.

As of 06 January 2015, the partnership operates under its new name “WAGNER ALBIGER & PARTNER” as a partnership with limited professional liability.

As a young and dynamic team we offer experience and expertise together with efficient and flexible counselling services. We represent primarily small and medium sized enterprises. However, we also counsel individuals as well as multinational corporations. Our services cover all areas of intellectual property law, from protecting technical inventions to trademarks and design patents. We are certified to represent our clients before the German Patent and Trademark Office, the European Patent Office, the Office for the Harmonization in the Internal Market, as well as the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), concerning registration, protection, and litigation of intellectual property rights.

In cases of infringements, we expediently and competently file any necessary actions and initiate preliminary injunctions. With the aid of our extensive network of foreign correspondents, we are able to provide these services to our clients throughout the world. In addition we offer our clients extensive proactive counsel in the early stages of intellectual property rights registration, including research of the technology in question. Furthermore, to protect the client’s competitive position we prepare opinions based on our assessments of the current situation.

Besides conducting the necessary due diligence, we make it a point to take our clients’ individual goals and objectives, possibilities, and prospects into consideration.